SHEP is a student health wellness project design to advocate for active healthy lifestyle and care in schools. It is to offer total support to second cycle schools, tertiary institutions and basic school’s infirmaries or first aid system. The project comprises of mini pharmacy, a consultation centre, vaccination centre and mini Lab (Rapid Diagnostic Test centre). The main focus of this project is to provide quality healthcare for student and teaching and non teaching staff of the schools. The project is developed to tackle the following problems:

  1. Lack of proper and well-equipped health facility (infirmary or first aid system) within the school to handle minor medical report.
  2. Waste of time of student at referral hospitals when referred.
  3. Inability for student to take part and continue with vaccinations such as Hepatitis A and B while out of home.

Objectives of SHEP

In designing SHEP project, the Focus was;

  1. To manage effectively common minor medical problems.
  2. To ensure 24/7 services access and healthcare expertise to student.
  3. To reduce drastically the length of outpatient cases to save student time as well as networking with specialist to advice student on special issues.
  4. To educate student as well as staff of the schools on basic preventive health practice.
  5. To develop a training program to equip Red Cross groups on campus for effective First Aid delivery during their inter-schools   activities out school.
  6. To ensure stress free access of healthcare to avert future expenses on parents and guardians as well as wastage of precious lesson hours to get to hospital.
  7. To create a health information platform where both parent and students can access medical history of their wards for future diagnosis and healthcare even after school.
  8. To provide weekly doctor visit at convenient time of student.



Special benefit package to the schools

Schools that enroll on the SHEP infirmary benefit from;

  1. Free health screening for student and staff ones every second term and parent (during PTA meeting) ones every first term.
  2. Training of the Red Cross team of the school and equip them with the needed materials for event such as inter-houses and inter-schools games.
  3. Given Health Talk twice every term.
  4. Assisting the school in observing school sanitation day twice every term by undertaking clean-up activities.

Health Practionners operating the facility

Each SHEP center is operated by a

  1. Physician assistant
  2. Community health care provider.

Services Provided

With the four centres of SHEP, the project will be handling cases such as;

  1. Diagnosing, treating and writing prescriptions for common sickness such as infection, strep throat, ear and eye infections and many more.
  2. Providing common vaccination for flu, pneumonia and hepatitis.
  3. Offering rapid diagnostic test with instant result
  4. Providing database platform for medical histories of student to enable their doctors in other hospitals to have access to upon request by parent
  5. Handling minor injuries like minor cut and burnt.


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